Forum Fighters: Rewritten (Discontinued)

there’s a change history and you are able to restore previous versions of the doc. same with wikis on these forums. did you try doing that?

but we wouldn’t know whos who cause all of us would be anonymous on a google doc so if we did do a google doc it would be a hard time finding out whos who

watrmeln thinks the story should be rampant glitch

You got the e in the wrong place

@Watrmeln keeps making himself op

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well unfortunately it seems like in google docs we’ll have to stay anonymous unless we give watermeln our google account name and stuff. but really whether everyone is anonymous or not isn’t really important. only when someone vandalized something and we want to find out who did that.

However I’m not sure if using a google doc for this is against rule #8. Because it’s linking to somewhere off-site that can be treated as a chatroom, except it wasn’t designed to be a chatroom but it could be treated as chatroom, and the link isn’t to a Wick Editor project and… Was this question answered the last time you used a Google Doc to collaborate on a Wick Editor project?

No, it didn’t violarte r8 but we had to scrap it cause someone nuked a paragraph

also on the google doc if you press share it gives you @Watrmeln’s email so im not sure if we should do google doc.

dude don’t tell people that (even though i don’t really use gmail anymore)

but i said this.

i think while we wait for baron to finish his engine we can work on planning the game and character attacks. cuz that’s important.

also i liked mlgcoolguys_1’s idea of how attacks would work. will we be incorporating that idea into the game? i think it would make our fighting game more unique.

also i have an idea based of mlgcoolguy’s idea of character attacks being mutable: what if you could only use some powerful attacks a limited amount of times? this would add a little more risk to using those kinds of attacks since the enemy might be able to dodge the attack and you just wasted that attack.

hold on, i just realized watermeln and dashell are writing their character attacks. but are watermeln and dashell allowed to have characters here? they’re not on the list of members… i ask @awc95014, @Hamzah_Al_Ani, and @mlgcoolguys_1 since they are the project leaders, are they allowed to have characters at this point?

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Well baron did push out a fix recently
oh and


I was in the old forum fighters remember I was allowed to have a character before. so i thought im still allowed to.

um i don’t remember that

all around me are familiar faces


see! from old forum fight!

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there’s also this

oh ok you were in there, i completely forgot about that

What about Me? I wasn’t in the last FF

so you can’t have a character yet.