Forum Fighters: Rewritten (Discontinued)

Well I didn’t link to it we know eachothers tags already so technically it still abides by the rules

@Jovanny @Luxapodular Does that count as breaking the rule or not?

it’s okay if you use the official wick discord. if you use other discords, then yes, that would break the rule.

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Guys can you argue on the discord not here

If you’re referring to the Wick Editor discord, that’s fine. This rule is primarily designed to not allow folks to like to private rooms not designed for Wick Editor discussions.

@Hamzah_Al_Ani @mlgcoolguys_1

Is this good for the merch?


that looks evil-er, but i don’t think we should continue having a merch store – it’s not needed and there isn’t a demand for forum fighters merchandise.


True Most people don’t know this Exists.

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i think merch is going a bit far, and besides, who’s getting the money? and who’s gonna bother buying it? the only place people know about FFR is here on the forum.

before we even consider merch, i’d wait for the game’s actual release, and then we can see if it somehow goes viral or something. then we can figure out the merch and the money and that stuff. the chances are low for that, but there’s always a possibility.

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Yeah merch is going too far. But I want to change this:

We can worry about advertising, showing off, whatever term it is, the game to other people later. If we have a good amount of progress, we can prolly make a demo for other people to try and give feedback (provided that we DO mention needing feedback)

When I say demo, I don’t mean that we just reveal a small portion of the game, *but we create a short, separate story that reveals how the game would play out.

*The demo was just my suggestion, however, and I don’t have much experience with game dev, I just stole that idea from a gameplay video of the Stanley Parable Demo


Yes feedback is crucial

I agree, if we start advertising for the game way before it’s out, people won’t bother to remember it once it’s actually out… but if we advertise for it after we have 99% done and a specific release date that’s soon to come, people won’t mind waiting a day or two.

(making trailers and advertising is more about “how” to convince people rather then just showing what we have so far)

Also, that looks nice


Hearting my post was already enough to know that you agreed, nugget, though I’m glad you’re voicing it through your post. Just wanted to remind you to please use posts for discussing instead of making short comments.

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So @awc95014 , have any idea how the combat system could be coded

I think it would be better if we have a better understanding of what “types” of moves each character can make (just so that we have a better idea of what we’ll need to code and avoid possible future bugs)

Explain further ?
Single player btw

I made a control map for items

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How about
WASD = movement
Left click = fire/use weapon
Right click/ scroll wheel = next weapon
Scroll wheel click = previous weapon
E = last used weapon
Single player
Maybe even mouse to aim

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If we do single player you could alternatively use click to shoot and arrow keys to move
also how do you do do scroll wheel click in wick?