Frames per second idea


It would be cool to change the fps during an animation. I currently working in one and I need one part at 20 fps and another at 50. If there is already a possibly to do that, plz tell me.


There is already a way to do that. Just go to the project settings and where you see a little movie symbol change that number.


Yeah I know but I need one part of the animation at 16 fps and the other at 30. But I can only set the same number of fps for the whole animation.


To do it you need to set animation at the highest frame rate you will use at a part and for lower frame rate parts animate it with longer extended frames (animating on twos/threes/fours and so on)
I hope this doesn’t sound complicated, if you need more help just search on how animating on twos work. It’s basically making a new drawing every 2 frames instead of one.