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Hello, I am a high school teacher and due to virtual learning we are using Wick Editor for animations and game making. I’m all set with the animation tools but need help with creating simple games. Is there a website or tools (other than the tutorials in Wick) that I can use to start the course? Thank you.

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Hello teacher @aca405, welcome to the Wick Editor forums. Could you expand a little bit on what kind of help do you need to start a simple game? Do you need tech info, coding, or game theory. Meanwhile, there are several non-video tutorials within these forums that could help you out with the basics…

[1] Object/Clips Cloning.

[2] Platform Engine:

[3] Memory Game Tutorial:

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Wow, thank you. I’ll certainly check these out. We were using Game Maker 7 (IMAC) to create games but since the upgrade it was no longer available to us without purchasing. I was thrilled to find the Wick Editor; not only for the animation curriculum but also for game making.

I do have one more question: In Game Maker we can limit the object and not have it move outside of the stage. Can I do the same in Wick? Thank you again for the tutorial links.

you can limit movements of clips with javascripts
in the code editor —> project you can get project.width and project.height if you want to set limits at project borders or to any other calculated position inside them
I think there is no simple plug and play solution. you have to use js to code your game-

if you havent already done check section learn of wickeditor site

I used to use gamemaker before, it’s a good software. Here’s a simple code that can block the player from leaving the screen:

You can also find more tutorials here: #demos-and-tutorials

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Definitely, game maker is a software oriented for making games. It has more “high-level” tools for that. Wick Editor is broader, and that would requires you more programming skills to make games. If your students have at least a basic understanding of objects, function calls and variables, they should be able to learn how to make games using the Wick-Editor fast. The good news is that the editor uses javascript as a programming language along with the Wick-Editor API.

Yes, you can, you have to code it in js, using Clip properties. Every draw in the editor can be converted into a Clip object. After that, you are able to use the Clip properties for position and then, limit their position boundary.

I just prepared this quick example for you:
LimitingPlayer1-16-2021_13-53-43.wick (2.2 KB)

Screen Shot 2021-01-16 at 1.56.16 PM

Welcome to the forums. @aca405. You can use the examples at

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Hi there, if you want to make a game tutorial, I will recommend this tool

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Yes, we need help with coding and how to export the game for others to play. The game design curriculum is incorporated with the digital media curriculum in visual arts. So, art teachers are teaching this through the lens of design. Any help they can get in terms of programming the assets/objects and coding would be fantastic. Thank you so much.

To open the file your gonna have to open it in wick if it a .wick file ;-;