Grouping of assets in the library


so like all pictures are in one folder and sounds in another cus its kinda cluttered atm, just though it’d be a neato feature



@zrispo and I talked about this asset library this week. We’ll be looking to spruce it up soon!



Yup, very soon we’re going to be using this code for the library, this will make it so you can drag and drop assets to organize them and add them to folders~

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Neato, cant wait to see future development of this awesome product! ^-^



This request is similar to the one above, which was not implemented yet. I am offering as an alternative to go with the new UI, and putting it in this topic, because I need to wait 18h to make more topics :stuck_out_tongue: .

Add little icons for raster, sound, video and maybe vector (?see below?) next to the title of Asset Library.

By default, they would all be ON, showing all types of assets. User can switch any icons OFF. Then the list would be filters to not show the type of assets that were set to OFF.

To piggy back, shouldn’t the CLIPs we make be also added to the assets library? Maybe by drag and drop? Dragging them out of the library would automatically create a duplicate. (basically making an “object” in the library and “instances” when dragged to the canvas).

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