Help me test the next generation of Systematix!

Good afternoon secret agents. (⌐■_■)

I want


to help me test the new generation of systematix! I’ve redone it from zero and i need your help with suggestions and reports before release!
Thank you wickertons and good day.

I am the link, my job is to redirect you to the file download!


Nice :slight_smile:

I think this is really cool especially with the internet apps function I would recommend adding some sort of place where people can add their own stuff but they need to add an HTML file or whatever file you used to add those apps so more people can add it. oh yeah and I like the thing where you can download .txt files

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Wow. This is the best Systematix yet!

Insane Ideas

Maybe the ability to upload image and Pixel Lide files

Maybe a music player?

Your website still only has Systematix v800 up.

I am aware, 900 has not been released in any other places yet.
Pixel lide is not my project, so i Can’t modify it
Uploading images is out of my coding scope for now

Very, very nice! well done!



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How can I make my own fanbuild, I would like the wick file please

Download the wick from our website
Look at the bottom of the about or credits window in the settings app or, go to “updates” and click the go button.

do you mean social bricks? it’s done by me :D

but I don’t see any wick files

open the installer

k but where is the wick file I don’t see it in the website

could you send it by here @Watrmeln

what would be cool is if you added other internet apps and maybie google/youtube

I mean the apps
Screenshot_92 its cool how they can play in the window

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it would be cool if you could drag your note file into notelegence and it would open

They can’t be embedded with iframe

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Your installer is bugged all it does is copy the link where I got it from