Help! .wick files aren't supported by anything


So I’m using wick for a school project. I usually use the windows 10 movie editor to add a voice over to my animations. it doesn’t support .wick files and no converters do either. The sound cuts off after 1 frame so does that mean i need to cut up my voice over (pre recorded) into over a hundred parts?



you need to export in wick with a video file, which as of right now, is only in it will give you an mp4 file. if that doesn’t work, use the zip file and take out the html file from the zip, or do whatever you need with it. you probably know more about the windows movie editor than i do, but i gave it my best.
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Also, you can potentially use the “export” feature to export a gif file, then convert that to a video! (this will not have sound though).


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Put a frame that’s the length of the video and put it on a bottom layer. Don’t put anything on it though. Then put a sound file in it.



wick files are PROJECT files, like a flash fla, so they are not videos. so like the others said, you have to export it to a video.

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