Help! wick!

how do i post my game on wick editor

Can you elaborate?

It sounds like you want to share your project? If so, the easiest way to do that would be to attach your wick project to a forum post. When you save your project, it should be stored somewhere on your computer. When making a forum post, click the Upload icon, locate that file, and attach it to your post. Then other people can download your project and open it in the editor to view it.

no i don’t know what you mean

Thanks but I can’t post the source file

I think there might be a problem with your ranking. I think if you are the first level rank, you can’t attach files. once you get promoted to higher levels, you have more capabilities on the forum.

thanks for the tip

@SamTSM_YT export a .zip archive of your game, but you cant submit it on wick editor since its an editor. But there are websites where you can submit it like, etc… Hope i helped!