Hi this is a demo

so i will be posting this game soon


Hello @the-predutshons, welcome to the Wick forums!

Can’t wait to see your game,
But adding in a bit more info to your post would be really appreciated!

Thank you :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forums @the-predutshons. Hope to see your project

can you show us a sneak peak please

i’m verry exited to see the project

btw its a demo.

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ok so its a demo soooooo that will explan the bad art but i will show you some secrats

so thar was a sene in the game but im adding it now

good for all of you both one and tow are realeas
s.s baking the code3-26-2021_11-33-06.html (2.2 MB)
s.s3-23-2021_16-27-43.html (2.2 MB)
have fun

well i guess its just a circle that is almost infinite

clic the canon at the end

there’s no canon at the end? how do i get to the end

Keep going right and try clicking this:

This is where it'll take you


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keys go figuer

i cant belive how i acted back then