Hold shift to maintain aspect ratio when resizing


As I and my students play with the editor, we keep reflexively holding shift to keep out visual elements in proportion when sizing them. It’s a basic UI thing that feels like it should be there, as it’s ubiquitous in all similar software.


If there is a way to do this, I’m not aware of it. In the meantime, what I’ve done is get it as close as I can to the size I like, then change one of the scale values (x or y) to match the other on the inspector pane on the right side of the screen.

Hope this helps!


Thanks for the suggestion. I had thought about that, but only noticed the pixel width and height in the panel (which wouldn’t have worked for this), without noticing the x scale and y scale settings.

It looks like the solution used in Google Docs, which might work here, is to make resizing from the corner default to maintaining the aspect ratio, and resizing from sides create distortion. It avoids the apparently tricky task of detecting shift being held down.

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Yes, this would be a huge improvement to the product, as it has been a total pain trying to resize images on import to a decent size that still looks like the original aspect ratio.


We definitely need to add this feature. We’ll look to add it in the next patch if possible!