How To Make A Start Button Step For Step

I’m very confused coding is nothing like the website I used to use aka Scratch… so I was hoping someone can tell me how I can make a start button that works.

I only made animations off this… never games so uhm… yeah, any help?

Sure! I’d be happy to help, first you add a new script called “MouseClick”. If you already have that put


thats it!

You mean “gotoAndStop(1);

Also, @AstroTop, if you want to start coding, then I recommend checking out this link, you’re gonna find it quite useful in your journey, and you can also read this other thread if you want to learn more about Wick.

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i would also recommend checking out w3schools if you need help with javascript itself

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Oh yea. Thanks for correcting me!


That easy? thank you…

Ohh,…also do you know if wick is powerful enough for 3d projects or even online?

For online? Definitely! Wick is powered by JavaScript.
For 3D, technically, yes, but you’d need to learn lots of code to do that.

Ah~ thanks for the info. if there’s any page you could show me on the online stuff PLEASE DO!!!

Simply here!
networking-test.html is the one right here, credits to pumpkin head.
By the way try playing it in 2 seperate tabs!


MHMM this is perfect…