How to make it so people don't need to download Wick Editor to play my game?

I want to be able to make it so others can play my game but I want it to be easily played by people.
I don’t care about online features its a single player game but making them put it in a wick editor every time they want to play is inconvenient, anyone found a feature or a way how?

You can export the project into html, that way you can simply open the file by clicking on it

Here are steps to how:

  1. Open the editor, and in it, open your project
  2. In the top right side of the editor, you’ll find an “export” button. Click it.
  3. Look for the word “interactive” and select it.
  4. Click “export html”

An html file should download afterwards, and you can open it to launch the game without needing to use wick editor (the file should work offline as well)

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Thank you but It shows “what do you want to use to open this” prompt what do I do from here.

Nevermind Just had to add .html on the end thank you!

Export the project as an HTML file.

If you want your project to be an application on a desktop computer, find a program that can translate HTML into a desktop application.

If you want it to run in a web browser, host the file for people to play on replit, github, neocities, or something like that.

You can also just give people the file and instruct them to open the file in order to play.

maybe post your games on