I need permission from @watrmeln and any other old members of lets funk

@Watrmeln and any others who were still working on lets funk at the time it was locked, I need permission to use things from the old lets funk to make an fnf mod based on the game. I am thinking of using the old designs and songs and stuff to make an fnf mod based on the old lets funk game. the only problem is that I need permission from @BSA_15 @Watrmeln @MrDashell and @butt to use their characters for the new mod.
@BSA_15 @Watrmeln @MrDashell @butt if you’re still on here then let me know if you give me permission to use your characters for an fnf mod based on letzs funk by picking an option on the poll

  • yes you can use my character
  • no you cant use my character

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(the fnf mod will be heavilly based on the lets funk game)
(also, im not sure if im allowed to post something like this)
(if I use someones character or song in the mod then the og creator of the character/song will be credited)

woups don’t count my vote i just wanted to look at the results lol

My character was redone, and i don’t really want to be involved, as I’m working on other things.

ok, you don’t really need to get involved, I just needed permission to use characters from the og forum fighters. if no one allows me to use their characters then I would have to find other people to allow me to use their characters for the mod (I would be fully crediting them)

Why not just draw your own character? I don’t really see why you need other people’s OCs.


yeah sure you can use the chief. although if this is gonna be family friendly I suggest changing the name of him

it’s going to be a fnf mod reviving the original “lets funk” that I started then it sadly got terminated, I was thinking of adding the og people who were in “lets funk”. but sense most of the og people said they don’t want to be in the mod eccept for @butt, I would need to either find new people from the forums who want to be in the mod (like @Jordy and @SamTSM_YT (they voted yes)) or make up entirely new characters for the mod.

short version

im reviving “lets funk” with an fnf mod
I need new people to be in the mod or I need to make new oc’s specifically for the mod

what do you mean?

You can add me

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i would like to be in it btw

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Can I join? I made a sprite sheet for my OC Gooby the slime(Its still not finished tho)
Here it is so far

ok, new thing, if you want to be in the mod then vote “yes” if you don’t either don’t vote or vote “no”

  • yes
  • no

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When will we do the mod?

its been a month now

You can use my characters and songs I made for the other Fnf mod project

sorry I was gone for a bit I will try to start soon

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sorry im kind of busy

Ok then but is the project cancelled?

kind of, I lost motivation