I think I found multiple bugs?


ok so im going to describe my frustration with this “bug” that I found.
I make an object into a clip and then make a “keydown” tab in the clip.
I put in the tab:
if (key === “d”){
this.x += 5
so I run the project and I press “d” to move the object.
waits for 1 second
and then the editor comes up with no error message, it just shows this in the “keydown” tab.
if (key === “d”){
this.x += 5
so I can’t move my object because if I try to move it using “d”, then it types in “d”.
I keep trying to fix it but it just doesn’t work.
I do the same thing and then everything seems to be fine, until I do it after a few times.
Then, when I urn the project, IT GOES RIGHT BY ITSELF!
And my D key isn’t stuck, because if it was, then I wouldn’t be able to write this post!

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