Ideas for wick editor(wick pls add the 3d wick editor PLEASE)

hello umm post what your idea is my idea is just nothing

thats my idea

Can you clarify what you mean by “stick on it”?

Too old idea… BONES

Ideas are best posted individually (or listed within a single post) in the suggestions category in order to help keep the forums organized. All posts in that category can be easily found in #feature-suggestions. In addition, when creating a post in the #feature-suggestions category, the writer is given a layout in order to help them specify what they’re suggesting (not to mention the title option, which makes it easier to search for and recognize). For this reason, I find it more beneficial to the forum’s system that ideas are made in new topics rather than having them separately posted here.

This is just my opinion, and I apologize if I had misunderstood the point of this thread.

Have you considered Blender, or even Blender+Alice ( ? Wick is a 2d animation app, and asking for a 3d engine is like asking LMMS to build an art program into it. You can use other people’s 3d tools, but asking Wick to build in a 3d engine is not sensible imo.
I have never heard of a case where the drawing cannot be erased. Can you show us a screen recording of this?

I think this is a bug where if you use the inside or outside brush mode when there is a clip or another object that it doesn’t work with. It will bug out and make the brush mark on the screen that can’t be erased. You can at least get rid of them by putting the brush mode back to normal and drawing a path with it which will also include all the screen brush marks.


yea that bug itss really hard to preform when your trying to do it

hmm ima use godot

it would be hard for the wick editor to add 3d

i have some more bugs when i change the color of the canvas it wont let me fill in the color i was drawing on a diffrent canvas and it was 2 seprate drawing together and it wont let me fill in the color same as when i was gonna make the scary house in wick refrence and also i had to make a layer just for a backround with squares when i was gonna fill in the color the layer was not covered it was in front of where it was gonna be filled normally layers be coveredby objects but this is unusual

just make individual posts for feature suggestions.

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