Im new her so do not no a lot

hi guys i’m new her so i don’t now a lot

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oh hi so do you need any help over here

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Welcome to the Forums!
If you are new to Wick, there are some great tutorials at the Wick Editor website’s tutorial page.

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Hello, @Jayden_Hollowman.

Here’s a tip: try not to make forum posts like this. Posting a post without a question or central goal is useless. It just takes space. You aren’t really asking for help, your just stating a statement.

Here’s a tip for @RetroPresto. Necroposting is posting on a topic 2 weeks or older and not adding anything really important to a collab or contest still in the time frame. Please don’t do it.

Oops. This was open on a tab on my computer for awhile so I didn’t know it was that old.

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