Is the wick forums or wick editor dying?

I have seen recently that not many people post much or talk on here anymore, especially on my posts for some reason. is the wick editor dying? because I hope not. this has been brought up before but now it has gotten worse in my perspective. in the past month I feel like the forums have been dying, if not a single soul picks anything on the poll then I assume either the wick forums are dying or nobody cares about what I have to say, which just proves my point

let me know what you think in the poll.

  • its not dying
  • it might be dying
  • it is definitely dying

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as far as development of the engine goes, it definitely appears that it’s dying. i’m not giving up hope on CMU though, it’s possible that they just don’t know what to do with it yet. but in any case, i think that wick is still making enough money from patreon to keep the site up, so in theory it shouldn’t go offline.

as for the community, i guess it’s slowing down. but i don’t think it’ll die completely. also, in general i don’t think people want to be invested in collabs very much, maybe because of commitment or laziness or lack of interest. that’s probably why many collabs don’t get too far.

so yeah, as of now it’s slowing down, but i don’t think it will fully die.

I guess that makes sense.

btw what is CMU?

A research university, I think. Luxapodular transferred ownership over Wick Editor towards them so that they can continue developing it. That said, we did not get any updates with what’s happening to the Wick Editor as of recent.

Carnegie probably has a lot on their plate as of now, with the 23-24 school year enrollment coming up and everything. Although I doubt that Wick Editor will be dying off completely, it’s definitely going to slow down until the next major update, if one is even coming.

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