Keyboard shortcut for a new frame


This would just make stuff a lot easier. Kind of like how in Adobe Flash you use F5 to make a new frame. Currently, it isn’t in the Hotkeys under Help, but maybe there is one and I don’t know it. :man_shrugging:


Hey @Retrogamer1123! We do have a keyboard shortcut that will do almost the same thing as creating a new frame. Try using the “<” and “>” keys. This will move the playhead back and forth, then just drawing on the canvas will make a new frame!

Also, try checking out Help > Hotkeys to see what else is available :slight_smile:


Let us know if you could use some more help!


I think I like this better than the way Flash does it. A lot less complicated :smile:


Well that helps. Thanks! :grin:


Will there ever be keyboard shortcuts for cloning frames?