List of Suggestions/Bugs

Wick Editor has been my tool of choice for a few years now. And while I do love using it, there are some things I would like to add to it, as well as some feature bugs.

  1. When using imported images, they start to flash different colors if used for long periods of time at once. This also occasionally happens with the background.
  2. I’d love if there were gradients and effects - specifically an all-around gradient (like a glow, but it can also fade into other colors).
  3. When using V-Cam, it always shows up as the transparent blue rectangle you would see in editing it for a couple frames at the beginning of an exported MP4 or GIF file, which is very annoying to cut out in post-production.
    4.Maybe a smaller suggestion, but it would be nice if the eraser tool had the same smoothing slider as the brush tool. This way, erasing a part of something would make it look smoother instead of jagged.
  4. The brush tool is my main tool of choice, but its drawback is the smoothing option. Not the already existing option, but it would be neat if there were a choice to customize how smoothed out brush strokes are (for example, when you draw sharp angles, it always connects a small part of line where they almost intersect. I have attached an example.)
  5. I would love it if there was a feature where you can drag lines and make sharp angles, specifically with the path cursor, where instead of making a curve in any lines, it would make an angle. A good example would be Adobe Animate (when you hold alt while dragging a part of the line, it creates a sharp angle instead of a curve).
  6. This may be out of your control, but the app version of Wick Editor really likes to white-screen and freeze completely, so any unsaved work must rely on autosaving to be preserved.

This is a list of things I’d love for Wick Editor to include or fix. It would be really helpful to a lot of us!

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Hey @TimothianilliusArts, welcome back to the forums! Thanks for the list of suggestions, I hope the wick team gets to see it.

You can fix this one by selecting the vcam clip and lowering its opacity to 0 before exporting the animation.

This already exists

Select the Path Cursor and double click the shape/line
It will look like this:
Screenshot 2023-08-23 4.42.36 PM
Then double click one of the blue points and it will become a corner.
Also you can double click anywhere on the blue line to make a new point. I hope this helps.

I meant an easier way to do it. Also, the feature I have in mind wouldn’t make real sharp points, but smooth them out as if it were two lines intersecting.

I forgot to attach the image

Oh ok. That would be cool. Thanks for clarifying.