Long-term feature requests


While there are more pressing features that I would like to see implemented first (pen tool, svg import/export), I am putting down some feature requests I would like to see in the future.

  1. Code to bring clip forward/back - option to change the z order from within the code. Apart from just changing the z order by 1/-1 also allow to bring to front and send backthis one would be awesome to have earlier, and it seems it would be easy ti implement, as the code for it already exists in the editor (the buttons do that).

  2. Create shape/line via code - Not sure if flash had that option, but creating a circle, rect and line via code could come in really handy.

  3. Custom Loading Screen - let users change how the loading screen looks like (maybe provide a template with a un-deleteable text-field that will show the percentage)

  4. Gradients - after all, gradients were a big thing in flash, everyone I knew experimented with them.

  5. Travel along path (pen tool will be needed to really take full advantage of it) - known from Flash, it allows us to tween clips (symbol) along a path. So we can make tweens that travel in more than just straight lines.

  6. Bone system - seen in much later versions of flash, and recently in programs like Spriter it allows for easier animation with tweans. Even a basic system would be an amazing addition.


  • Math functions - especially sin/cos for some animation with code, but I will take any “traditional programming” math functions :slight_smile: – it seems this is already accessible via javascript’s Math library, could be added to reference menu.

I will keep this list updated as I come up with more long term requests.

Edit: I reorganized the list based on how difficult it would be to implement (at least from my understanding, I might be very wrong).

I also encourage other users to add long term feature requests in this thread.