Looking for testers for 1.16.2!

Hi all, the test editor has received some significant improvements. You can check them out here: Wick Editor 1.16.2 - PNG Export, New Hotkeys, sound Export, and more.

We’re looking for some community members to give this version a test before we push it live.

Try it out on test.wickeditor.com, and let us know if there are any issues!


as an addition to the image exports, maybe a single-frame image export would be nice.

just realized that it says “Faser Autosave” instead of “Faster” or whatever it should’ve been…

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Thanks for pointing that out, we’ll have the loading screen fixed before we release. As for single frame export, we will discuss that for 1.17, but for now exporting the project and pulling the frame out of the zip will work!

found some POBBEMS
i tried exporting my mario animation again on the test version… 2 pobbems.

  1. audio is still butchered, not nearly as much as before though
  2. there are blue boxes on clips when being exported, probably from the “clip/clip with code/clip with a pobbem in its code” box thingy

sorry i just like saying “pobbems” instead of “problems”

Hey @awc95014, we fixed the blue border issue and that should be pushed later today to live.

As far as audio, can you provide the wick project where audio is messed up? We will take a look!