Make it like adobe flash!

Can you add symbols and gradients!!!

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clips are basically like symbols, and there are ways to make gradients (just search it up). wick editor is not and never will be like flash


oh… well ok.

Well you are right! But simply that is not so! If you edit a symbol with others like it.
It won’t edit the rest! you see!

Plus theirs no symbol Library (:

as I said, its not a second flash

too many people think that it is

I’m not saying it’s flash. I just want add more features to symbols or movie clips to wick editor.

But it’s ok your right after all! plus its not even flash? I guess it’s just online Vector animation program? Not adobe flash. sorry kinda lost track there. Thanks.

You can select a clip, and click ctrl+e to export it into a “.wickobj” file, which you should be able to import into the asset library (bottom right in the editor).

But yes, Wick is different from flash, if you edit one “symbol” it won’t make the same changes to the rest. This could happen though in a later update.

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oh thanks for telling me!

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That’s a really weird thing to say considering it’s basically a legacy Flash clone. The requested additions are important additions regardless of whether they are Flash features.

Well actually they arent if you think about it (just my opinion lol) but if they made it so you can actually connect lines without them being smooth and maybe making the shape editor better then it might be close to being a flash clone, after that then they would need to add the types of tweens adobe animate has like elastic tweens. but they could also add a line type setting that adobe animate/flash has then that would be cool and they could maybe also make it so you can make movie clips. these are just my opinions. please send this to the creators of wick editor so they maybe might listen cause all of these are cool reccomendations also they could make it so there is a music editor/maker cause then you could make songs on it and maybe it could be like fl studio or beepbox right? now thats all so stop reading this.