More types of x and y values for clips

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Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
no, just had a random idea that suddenly popped into my head.

Describe the solution you’d like
as of now, to get/change a clip’s position, we use clip.x and clip.y. these 2 values are relative to the center of the clip.

i suddenly had an idea that if you use, it is identical to using clip.y but it is relative to the top edge of the clip instead of the middle. same concept for clip.bottom, clip.left, and clip.right.

this could be used to easily line a clip up on a wall without having to use extra math (basically, it hides complexity where it should really be simple).

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
using math (halving the width/height and adding/subtracting it from the coordinates) works but it’s far less intuitive.

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Do you want to return a number or a coordinate? if its a single number, then I assume that you want to associate top/bottom with Y coordinate and left/right with X coordinate…

yes, top/bottom are y coordinates (a single number) and left/right are x coordinates (also a single number). maybe there could be aliases for them that include x or y in the name. (for example,, clip.topy, clip.top_y, and/or clip.topY all do the same thing)


get top() {
return this.y - this.height/2;

get bottom() {
return this.y + this.height/2;

get left() {
return this.x - this.width/2;

get right() {
return this.x + this.width/2;
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oh yeah, that is a thing.

and while i’m here, what does get do compared to making a function “normally”?

set / get allows you to set / get properties but you define them as functions, but the user use them as properties or variables…


get rotation() {
return this._rotation * RAD2DEG;

then the user only use them as:
this.angle = this.rotation; // but the user is actually calling the get rotation()

like in this example… I use them as
if( > project.width) not as if( > project.width)

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I think is more complex than this as the graphic of the clip could have a center different from the clip center.
That is particulary true if you have an animation or if you change contents in a clip programmatically

Screenshot 2022-06-22 at 08-00-04 Wick Editor 1.19.3

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