MP4 won't open

i have created an animation and downloaded it as an mp4 i’ve been able to open mp4 files created on wick before but when i try to open it now it won’t open at all. (please send help i need to hand in this assignment soon)

1, did you save it as a .wick file with the save button in the top right (that way you can click the open button and open the file)
2, (I don’t know if your doing this) but don’t rely on mp4’s to open your animation back up to work on it, save it as a wick file
3, if its the last thing you did on the editor then you can just reload the editor, click try it, then click load
if this doesn’t help then could you explain what you need a bit more.

It could be an mp4 exporting issue… try some of the solutions here