My ideas for Wick editor

These are just my ideas that I think should be added to wick editor.
I think there should be a glow feature that can make the shape that you have radiate colour around it. It can be like the opacity bar, where the higher you set it, the more glow there is.
There should be a tool where you choose 2 colours and the gradient tool makes the shape you want to fill fade from colour one to colour 2. I think this would be kind of cool.
I think there should be a tool to cut parts out to edit. You use your cursor to cut around it, then you can edit that part like a clip, but you don’t have to turn it into a clip. There plenty of times when I’m animating and that tool could’ve been useful to me.
-Import videos
Importing videos would be really cool too. Wick editor could not only be an animating program, but also an editing program. People could also use wick editor to edit videos instead of just animating.
Now I know that eyedropper is already in wick editor, but I think that if you select the eyedropper without selecting the brush or the fill tool, you should be able to click on a colour, and it will select all of the same colour around the canvas. Then, you can use it to change it to a different colour. Would be helpful if you had multiple shapes with the same colour which you wanted to change, but you don’t want to select each one of them separately to change. and if the previous idea gets implemented, we could use this feature for greenscreen.

These are just some ideas I’ve collected over the past few months that I thought would be cool to have in wick editor.



… Wow, looks like u have a nice list of suggestions,
I kinda like all of them, but I think my most preferred
ones would be the cut :scissors: and the glow :fireworks: features!

Thanks for sharing!

Hanzoh Alani

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Hi Vianney_Susanto :{

Your ideas are great! I think someoe found a workaround for glow from a question I asked a while ago… maybe you can search it up on the forum.
Gradient I’m sure is “workaround-able”, but that would be painful, and not very good-looking.
Cutting is possible with the “subtract” tool. It’s in the dropdown from the down-arrow in the toolbar. highlight 2 intersecting items and experiment with it.
The closest thing to importing videos is importing a gif version of the video. If you want sound you can import the audio seperately.
The new eyedropper you propose is going to be very useful, especially for complicated drawings.

Keep suggestions coming!

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i like the gradient idea making gradients is kinda hard maybe there could also be a blur feature