My newest oc

I made a new oc
Screenshot 2022-03-24 10.55.55 PM (3)


Nice job! Looks very smooth and detailed. One of your best drawings yet!

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I reshaded it and did another one

. if you have any suggestions tell me


The top one looks amazing! I think you’ve got the shading down on that one.
For the bottom one, maybe make the whole head turn instead of just the face? It looks very good, but could be improved.

sure can do

here anything else?

it looks nice, i guess the only thing i would say is that the shading is inconsistent. what i mean is:

on the left arm and leg (our left, not the character’s left) and the shoes, the shading suggests that light is coming from the left.

however, on the hood of the hoodie, the light is coming from the right.

and on the right arm and right leg, the light is head-on.

otherwise it looks quite nice. but is it easy to move those body parts to animate it, or is it just a drawing? (would you have to re-draw your character every time there is a new pose?)


I can fix that in a second

its just a drawing, but if I were to animate it I would make the different parts that dont move much like the head or body different clips so I can grab them and copy them later on

I tried fixing the lighting

wick file (in case you wanna look up close): me3-28-2022_20-25-37.wick