My (somewhat) amazing creation

Here is me putting my sprites into action. It is unfinished, however.

Mario vs. Life at its Finest.wick (25.3 KB)

Tell me how I might be able to improve it, and what I should do with Mario’s last life before it ends.


Very nicely done! Animation looks nice and smooth, and I’m glad you were able to make the sprites look nice and sharp.

My only suggestion is to add some mario clouds in the sky (even tween them so they float around if you’re so inclined!). And of course, add some classic mario sound effects to finish it all off!

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Love this animation. Great work! Can’t wait to see it finished!

i created the finish, just needa add some sounds and more things, like the clouds you talked about.%20Life%20at%20its%20Finest


That’s so charming! Great comedic timing too, and very smooth and polished motion! Great work! :smile:

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great awc!
i really hope one of the next implementation will be a spritesheet control system to deal with raster animation for games

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