Neat little thing i found

One thing that’s bothered me for a while is that I either have to screenshot the project (annoying to trim exactly down) or download a ZIP of the project, extract it, and get the frame out, just to export a 1-frame drawing I’ve made in the software as a PNG. Well, there’s a quick workaround to this problem!

  1. Run project in a new window (Alt/Option+ K).
  2. Right click the project frame.
  3. Click “Save Image As…”

Huge timesaver for me, just wanted to share this technique with y’all!


I usually just export the project as a gif, and if I have to I can just use some online file converter to convert it into a png.

I tried using that feature for a comic I was making, but the blue outlines of a clip actually show up in the PNG. I stuck with exporting as a series of PNGs. Also on a light tangent: Wick could use an “export current frame” feature option.