*New* WickEditor.com Updates (New Community Page)

Hi Everyone,

We’ve updated wickeditor.com with new news, and a new community page. Take a look at some projects created by some very talented artists we’ve been working with. If you’re interested in sharing your projects on the main site, send an email to contact@wickeditor.com!


I tried out Lock up dungeon, and click me if you can, but neither ran correctly…
Lock up dungeon wouldn’t recognize my keyboard inputs, I sat there for a good 5
minutes alternating between the wasd keys and x, but nothing ever happened. :sleepy:
I even checked it out on the itch.io site but to no avail. :frowning:
It also took forever to load so that might be something to look into.

Click me if you can was pretty much the same, but technically did a bit better and
actually moved, but still very slowly. It did recognize my taps/clicks though unlike games made in the legacy editor.

I’m excited to see the new additions to the website, and wish the wick team
good luck moving forward!