Newgrounds Wick Editor Game Jam


Hi Everyone,

If you haven’t seen it yet, we’re hosting a game jam on!

The theme is “FLASHBACK” create a classic ‘Newgrounds’ style game.

There are 10 prizes for the top 10 submissions!

  1. $150 + Sticker Pack + T-Shirt
  2. $100 + Sticker Pack + T-Shirt
  3. $50 + Sticker Pack + T-Shirt
  4. $25 + Sticker Pack + T-Shirt
  5. $25 + Sticker Pack + T-Shirt
  6. Sticker Pack + T-Shirt
  7. Sticker Pack + T-Shirt
  8. Sticker Pack
  9. Sticker Pack
  10. Sticker Pack

The jam ends on July 7th at Midnight.

You can read the official rules, and talk with other game jam participants, here


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Oh man, I wish this was stickied :astonished:

I have seen the topic, but I thought the jam was now done! I just found that it is still running from this post (thanks for that).

As someone who is not really a Newsgrounds native (more of an guy), can someone point me to some other newsground classics than Salad Fingers and Pico (which is the only thing I remember from that time, outside of stuff like JoeCartoon, but it was its own thing)?



Does it have to specifically be Newgrounds-related to reach the top 10, or can it just be like old Flash games in general? I wasn’t on Newgrounds as a kid, I was too busy playing Super Smash Flash and Ultimate Flash Sonic. :stuck_out_tongue:



@kryptot7 Old flash style is totally fine and can reach the top 10! We are really looking for that feeling of innovative, exciting, fresh online game we all know and love.



I looked through Newsgrounds, and read through the thread for the jam.

I might sit this jam out, it seems what Newsgrounds is looking for, is not really a game I want to make. Early flash games for Newsgrounds folks were more about being edgy and joke-y :stuck_out_tongue: It seems that it might not be the best place/jam for narrative/non-violent games I like to make.



I can relate. I’m also into narrative and less violent games whereas I had the impression NG was too edgy for my taste growing up, so I never got into it. I don’t really know much about it :man_shrugging: but browsing the site now, I think there’s some cool stuff there.

I do still want to make something cool with Wick, so maybe it’ll just be “Newgrounds-style” in terms of being simple, lively, animated, but also something with replay value. A good example is those awesome old Nitrome games. I used to play those so much :smile:

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What I am more concerned about is the NG community. I can submit something, but I guess, if the NG users won’t like it (because it is not NG enough), there probably won’t be any chance for it getting anywhere :frowning:



I think even if you do something without violence or not in the typical newgrounds style you still have a good chance at success!

Here are a bunch of games and such that did really well on NG, even though they aren’t necessarily what you’d expect from that community:

Nicky Case has made some of my favorite interactive web things of all time. Stuff like We Become What We Behold, Coming Out Simulator, and :the game: all did very well on newgrounds!

Other narrative-heavy games that did well on newgrounds that I can think of just off the top of my head are Every day the same dream, How to Raise a Dragon, McDonald’s videogame, and others

Games focusing more on art and gameplay without being violent/edgy such as Ball Revamped, Motherlode, Castle Crashing the Beard, Chibi Knight, Pandemic II, Portal: The Flash Version, Achievement Unlocked, and more recently Handulum were all extremely popular on Newgrounds.

I’d say don’t worry that the community won’t accept what you make - you might be surprised!



What I’m mostly excited about for the Newgrounds jam isn’t really bringing back the aesthetic of early 2000s Newgrounds, but for prompting people to use Wick like people used Flash back then.

For me at least, Newgrounds and Flash games in general were important because anyone with the software could make a game, post it online, and have tons of people play it. This led to a huge explosion of experimentation and creativity on the Internet (I wrote a lot about this a while back in this article).



Cool! Thanks for the links, I’ll have to check those out!

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After checking out those games, I might submit something (have an idea for with a spin on “flashback”) . I am just really missing either pen tool or a svg import.



Hey @Von_Bednar, @zrispo has a prototype svg import we’re looking to get in ASAP.

Also, we’d really love to see submissions by anyone coming from the Wick Editor side of the community to the NG jam. We’re sure that if you’re interested or passionate about what you’re making, there’s a spot for you in the jam!



Can’t wait. :tada:

I already got his prototype running, but couldn’t get the svg import to work :unamused: Right now I am working on the code side, hopefully I will be able to open my project in the new release and just place the artwork where needed :slight_smile:



Does this mean the jam ends after 11:59pm July 6th, or 11:59pm July 7th? Also, what time zone?

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11:59 July 7th Eastern



sorry to be a bother, but will there be any extension of the deadline?



Hey all,

Since there’s not a ton of submissions to the game jam, feel free to submit your projects today until midnight (July 8th 11:59pm eastern), however, you won’t be able to place higher than other people’s projects that were submitted earlier.



Can we update our existing submissions, or will that also disqualify us from placing higher than earlier projects? (I submitted mine at midnight.)

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Please do not update existing submissions after the midnight deadline. Feel free to send me a PM for more info.