One more suggestion for the wick editor

i think the wick editor should be able to open projects from older versions of wick like 1.16 up to all the newer versions coming out because i had some projects now it doesn’t want to open it

that is the last suggestion for now

no its impossible because wick 1.15 has a different format than 1.19

Did you try opening the files using an older wick version?

There’s the alpha editor, it might be able to open your old file (it’s in version 1.14)

If your file is older than that, there’s the legacy editor

There’s also a file converter for files as old as version 0.15

And you can download older versions of the editor on github
image (I’m bad with using github, so can’t help you much with that)

Also, you can use github to track the progress of 1.20.

I’m interested in trying the converter but this is all I get, am I doing something wrong or is there something I’m not getting?

You cannot reply to topics this old it will get closed, what you should do is create another topic

ah my bad, thanks

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