Online Multiplayer

I need help how to code a online multiplayer.

It’s really hard to do something like that, but, not ANY one has done that in Wick Editor (my thinking is my opinion)

this is a recurring question. search past topics for more info.
just put multiplayer in search field
basically using only standard wickeditor features you cannot

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@pumpkinhead made an online multiplayer test! and it works perfectly if you do not have friends than you can open the game in another tab to play by yourself lol

Can you link me to it?

Here Working multiplayer test

how do I play it

Replit recently changed the way that their stuff works. the previously permanent links to servers and such have changed. now, a temporary, changing link must be made by the creator opening their project or something like that.

like everybody who has made a server, pumpkinhead made his server with Replit. he made it well before this change so it used to work. now that it has changed, the server link is broken and difficult to fix.