Option to export mp4 vids in High Quality

Please complete the following questions!

Has this feature been suggested before?
Not sure

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
Videos look good on the canvas, yet export in 360p

Describe the solution you’d like
An easy way to export in a higher clarity, like 480p or 720p without changing the canvas resolution.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
AI Upscaling, though those have negligible effect

I think if you change the export resolution to a higher resolution but with the same aspect ratio as the canvas, then it will export it at a higher resolution? It seems like it would do that…

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Yes @pumpkinhead is right. It should allow you to export at a higher quality!

I’m working on improving export overall (including options, and quality). Here’s a sneak peak of the new interfaces!


could there also be a way to export a single image and not a folder if there’s one frame, and not to fix the timestamp, say i made a new build of systematix, the file name i want is Systematix694.html, wick might produce Systematix6942-2-2021_15_29_19.html and maybe some more 3:2 screen resolutions, that’s the aspect of my laptop and it would be nice to see more 3:2 and other ones that aren’t 16:9 @Luxapodular

We can easily add some new resolution options to the exporter! We should probably also add new options to the project size selection as well in settings.
As far as download names are concerned, this would need to be some additional work under the hood to make that customizeable.

yeah, on the desktop version, since its a windows save window and not a browser one, i can change that, but it doesn’t save the file type info so i have to add that in, it just saves and “video” and not “video.mp4” but in browser, the datecode is non removable, so don’t remove it, just make it togglable during export.

wow those look nice!


WOW that looks amazing