platformer3-15-2021_14-56-20.html any suggestions? I will add more levels and collectables soon

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I added a level select screen and new graphics for the ? blocks platformer3-15-2021_15-37-20.html

what should I call it?

  • the unnamed platformer
  • platformania
  • other

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if you picked other please reply what you want it to be called or why you picked it

I would like it to be called platformania

thats a good idea I might do that

I changed the poll

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then its platformania for now

if you want to make a level to put in the game then here’s the tiles and grid for the level (please don’t copy my game) My Project3-15-2021_17-07-43.wick. if you want your level in the game then reply a pic of your level with grid on @SevonixIsSad @tazer_900 @butt @Watrmeln @Hamzah_Al_Ani

I changed the wick file it now has the code. and a character so you can test it. make them challenging

why not making enemies like a ball that rolls you need to jump over it but if the ball hits you you die and why not making achievments

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Ok, i’m done with my level, here’s a screenshot:
Screenshot 2021-03-16 at 8.36.08 AM

Here’s also the .wick file:
Level3-16-2021_8-36-00.wick (29.9 KB)

And here’s some proof that the level is possible (just took me a few tries):

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i’ll add a bit to it and I will add enemys and acheivements and a new moving platform

here it is platformania3-17-2021_20-28-59.html


hey guys @tazer_900 @Youyou @Watrmeln I need ideas for levels Im getting back in

and @Watrmeln I need new button graffics if you have time

Am on it, will edit this post and ping when done
I need the .wick

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here platformania4-27-2021_16-35-39.wick (354.7 KB)

I liked it. For complex levels, you can reduce the lag by putting larger rectangles instead of multiple squares…
Here is the difference… (example)

I tried at my end and the difference is huge…


image squarie cameo? @gamer_boi