Please wick

Please wick gods, Please let me have a transparent option for backgrounds, im tired of constantly going over to another website just to make my stuff transparent


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The ancient gods are dead and the new one do not care about humans
There is no sign of wickeditor development since it was transferred to Carnagie Mellon Uni


its over wickbros

Fret thee not, forsooth! I’m certain that one day, though it be a lengthy passage of time, the wick gods shall bestow upon us a much-needed update.

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2.2 came after over six years, there is still hope that they may make a revival

If you’re trying to make transparent GIFs then you’ll have to use another site for sure, but if you’re trying to download drawings created in wick with a transparent background, there’s a trick to do that.

Mini-tutorial on how to do that

First thing, head over to settings by clicking image and try to edit the background color.
There’s a Spectrum mode, that provides you with more color options, make sure to click that

Once in spectrum mode, you’ll see something like this

See this small slider I circled in red below?
Drag it all the way to the left to make the background fully transparent.

Make sure to save the setting changes by clicking image

After that, go to the frame of the image you want, right click, and select Copy image or Save image as…

And it should be transparent