Post-Jam Feedback II: Auto-merging paths

Pretty please add an option to auto-merge paths of the same color. :art:

  • Wick makes it tedious to keep all your same-colored brush strokes in one piece.
    • For example, if you’re inking a character, you’ll have many globs of black unless you constantly use “Union” on them. There is no lasso tool or quick way to only select one layer’s contents, so this takes a while. Drawing solid color objects as one big stroke is not an option either because this causes many bugs.
  • Right now, drawing objects/characters with the Brush is very fiddly because their parts come loose, and it’s tedious to select whole objects.

Provide a “Merge like colors” option for all drawing tools (brush, pencil, shapes) while also keeping the flexibility of having separate objects.

  • This has the flexibility of Flash’s merge drawing mode without the risk of losing work because you accidentally overlapped two objects and forgot to group them.
  • For the brush, fill bucket, and eraser tool, this behavior would be on by default. For cursor, pencil, and all shape tools (circle, rect, and line), this is off by default but you can turn it on.
    • If the feature was on while using the cursor tool, Wick would act more like Flash, where dragging a green shape over another green shape combines them instantly.
  • In this case, a Lasso tool would also become essential to select parts of objects that you want to separate.
  • This will prevent shapes you drew using multiple strokes from breaking easily, and it will add huge performance benefit for complex projects because the amount of objects will be smaller. It also allows you to more easily create composite shapes.
  • Extra feature: easily Subtract one path from another by pressing Shift-Backspace.
    • In Flash, if you draw a circle, then draw a smaller circle inside it, and then delete the small circle, you now have a donut. I propose that pressing Shift-Backspace (or Delete) on a Wick object would make it behave like this, subtracting itself from any objects on the stage (except Clips and locked/hidden elements), as though the eraser tool had been used in that exact shape.

What do you guys all think of these ideas?

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I forgot to link this post in the initial post-jam feedback post, so I’m just bumping it up to the top of the list so it doesn’t get missed.