Post-Jam Feedback II: Color Circles

Color circles on toolbar are redundant and awkward to use

I would appreciate if the circles at the top of the UI indicated the color and stroke of the currently selected object, like in Flash. If you change the colors in those circles, it changes the selected object’s color.

The way it works now is unintuitive to me, because these circles often serve no purpose other than choosing what color ink to draw with.

If you add the line weight to the toolbar as well, you could get rid of the inspector options “Fill Color” and “Stroke Color”, thus saving space. Users on small screens could edit their objects’ colors even if the inspector is hidden. (I noticed Wick hides the inspector on small windows now.)

Another idea: Currently, while brush tool is active, the inspector is empty. Why not show a larger color picker and palette there? That way we don’t have to click on the colors’ toolbar icon, wait for the color picker to open (there is a slight delay), then pick a color.
That would also open up plenty of space for larger/custom color palettes.

What do you all think of these ideas?

I have more ideas about the color tools in this thread.