Problems I have


Staff, please listen, as this means a lot if done. I’m trying to do some animated shorts on Wick, but I need some practice, so I am currently doing some experiments. Right now, I’m on my third one(Out of the ten I plan to make), but I now have to face some problems. For example, it seems to “auto correct” my drawings, which makes them worse, and I like them a bit messy, but that auto correct makes my frames unusable, also, I draw really big on computer, so I suggest that a button be added to make only frame you are drawing appear, with an exit key, because it will what I want my career to come true.

Please reply to this as soon as possible


Other things I think are minor but should be mentioned:

The paint bucket will sometimes not work, and when it does, it will make a big square over the frame

Add a undo and redo feature

Make the animation you do go to file, as I can’t find my projects in file explorer

Add an opinion menu, for features like disable the auto correct, and the undo and redo

Thanks in an advancement as I can tell you try to keep people who use Wick editor happy to use it, and I thank you for listening to your users


I’ll try to help you with your problems.

  1. The paint bucket is used for vector drawings

  2. There is an undo and redo feature. Click edit and then click undo or redo. (or you can just click ctrl+z)

  3. Your animations are saved in the downloads folder.

  4. The auto correct problem you are having is called the Line Smoothness level and there is a way to change that. Just select the tool and change the the slider right next to the pen icon. Here’s a picture smoothnesswickeditor


Thanks, I have been known for being slow at doing things, thank you for helping an inspiring animator to do what he wants