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So a couple of days ago, I was told that we couldn’t easily be able to share projects because we’d have to go to like or to be able to see it, but we’d have to log in or sign up and all that stuff. I don’t want to do all that stuff, so maybe you can try to make a new website that all it does is simply play your projects. all you need is to upload a .wick file, and it can be a video or interactive, whatever the project is. then, I don’t know, you can share that animation by sending the URL to someone, and they can see it too.

Long story short, it’s a branch website of Wick that takes files to play them instead of having to log into Newgrounds or Itch to be able to see it, since you can’t play it in browsers.

I’m sorry if I’m asking for too much, maybe put this near the bottom of your priority list.



I was hoping for something similar to this
as well. I think it’d make the community more
active, and maybe, (in the case of games)
you could get other members to help you bug test and give feedback. :slight_smile:

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A quick way to implement this might be to give Wick Editor a simple function to automatically load a .wick attachment from a URL.
When I upload a .wick file here, it is stored at a URL like this:

So maybe, if a user went here… (not a real URL)
…Wick would load that file from the forum and open it for you. That way you could very quickly try out projects just by clicking a link; no download necessary. (You could edit these projects too, but your changes would not be visible to others.)

If you don’t want people editing or viewing your files, you would upload an exported Wick game (.zip) the same way. Go to… (again, not a real URL)
and, instead of loading the editor, Wick would automatically play it for you in a big viewport that fills the screen.

Then just tweak the forum so that when you upload a .wick or .zip, the link to download it is switched to an link.

No pressure on the devs though; something like this isn’t a high priority feature. It can wait!