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Are there specific ones you want us to start out with or no?

Just start with 001, 002, 003, or something like that. It doesn’t really matter.

Ok I’ll hopefully have it to you by tomorrow

Thanks a lot.

Hey @RetroPresto , did you still need help with this?

@RetroPresto here is the version 0.12 that i have started for you the drawings aren’t good so you might have to redraw those but other than that it’s ok and @XxgaymorxX help on it too!

version 0.12
SCP Database (0.12)8-27-2022_1-21-09.wick (258.4 KB)

I had to readjust some stuff and the sentences were a little to long, sorry… :disappointed_relieved:

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It’s ok I could help with drawings and stuff

Other than the drawings was it okay? Also i wanted to add a background picture to the table of contents page but the buttons got in the way…
Screenshot 2022-08-27 003655

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yes it was okay

If you ever need any more help on this just @ me or @XxgaymorxX and we’ll help as soon as possible…

Woah, this thread is still active? I just recently logged back in because I started school again and it’s still up? That’s nice. Yeah, we could work on an SCP database game I guess.

Hey @RetroPresto how is the project going???