Referencing assets externally instead of importing them


Not sure whether this should be a feature suggestion or that I’m overlooking this option, at least I didn’t find how I could do this.

First of all I would like to express my admiration to the creators of Wick editor, great work by this team, and thank you for allowing everyone to use this for free

Now to my question; My assets are quite large and as a result of that, the outputted HTML versions crash the browsers that try to display them. If the assets wouldn’t be inlined (converted to base64 which is happening now) I expect to get rid of this issue. So the assets I use would be referenced as an absolute or relative URL to wherever I am trying to get them from, usually in the same folder as my project. I believe this practice is commonly known as ‘placing’

I have now made a temporary fixing script for myself, which processes the html and replaces all assets’ inline encodings to their original filenames. This seems to work fine for now. Still I am interesting to hear an official solution to this or whether this is planned to be done in the future


Hi there @hacktisch!

The current plan is to have two options for HTML5 export:

  • Single HTML files where assets are stored in base64
  • ZIP files containing index.html (the wick player), project.wick (the project to embed in the wick player) and an assets folder that holds all the assets in their original formats.

The single HTML file export is nice for small (>100kb) projects, but I too have ran into really annoying crashy problems with projects larger than 10mb.

Look forward to the new version when we have better ZIP export!!