Referencing Assets Externally

Please complete the following questions!

Has this feature been suggested before?
Yep and my unresolved issue was closed prematurely :pray:

This is the contents of the zip folder that I have downloaded. No Asset folder.

Many thanks for any assistance offered.

Thank you for your suggestion.

@Alfo, It is better to open a new feature suggestion instead of replying to a 2 years old post.

Also, please remember, a suggestion is not an issue. The suggestions don’t have to be resolved. They fall under the consideration of @Luxapodular and his team to implement it or not. Hopefully it does.



I fully agree with you, and I’m not trying to be rude or anything, but isn’t creating a new topic to suggest the same thing suggested in an older thread be considered as duplicating a topic?
(Rule #3)

Screenshot 2021-01-20 at 6.22.14 PM

Actually, I think it’s different when it comes to 2 years old topics since the suggestion can be more likely created during the legacy editor version, Wick evolves really fast, and reviving an older topic sends notifications to everyone in that thread.

Thank you, don’t worry.

Answering your question,
Yes it is. If that feature is that important for someone (or more than one person), and 2.5 years later, it hasn’t been implemented. Maybe it is already in the dark corner of wishes. It is time to suggest it again. Thank you for always been looking for order within this forum.

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i’m going to just voice my personal opinion.

the rules say not to duplicate topics.
as far as i remember, it doesn’t talk about reviving topics with legitimately useful replies.

So to me, unless this topic is conceptually different from the other topic, I think this post should actually be continued in that other topic.

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I’m agree with you, and don’t worry, everything is fine. He duplicated the topic, because I closed the previous one.


I swear they had an assets folder. How else did I delete some assets from a project before they added the ability to do that in the editor?.. Wait

Oh sorry, I recalled it incorrectly. I actually exported the .wick file, changed its file extension to a .zip, then looked at its contents which did have an assets folder.

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Oh cool. That’s worth knowing - thanks.

What do you mean by that?

before it should have been closed

Prematurely means that something happened before it’s usual time of happening.

According to google dictionary, prematurely is an adverb that means:
before the due time; ahead of time.

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Many thanks everyone! With the information supplied by pumpkinhead, I personally don’t need this requested feature anymore, as I should be able to dynamically edit the .json and asset folder found in the .wick using Python or PHP and SQL. Many thanks again. :+1: