Right-click context menus

In case you didn’t know a context menu is the list of actions you can do when you right-click on something.

In the Wick Editor, nothing happens when you right-click on something. It just makes the context menus for the HTML5 element you hovered over appear (like the viewport… a canvas I think?). Maybe make a context menu for right-click so you can right-click and press the Make clip button or Make button button or edit timeline button or break apart button. Or maybe just do nothing at all and override the context menu action to make it do nothing.

I’m asking this because usually in apps like Wick Editor there are right-click context menus but there are none in Wick Editor so it feels a little weird for me.


Hey @pumpkinhead,

Early on in the design of Wick Editor 1.0, we decided to not have a context menu. This was to ensure that as we were designing, we kept the interactions as simple as possible (context menus would often confuse the beginners we worked with!).

I think now, the tool’s matured to where it could use some more fine grained control for interactions like that. So we’ll most likely be adding a context menu around 1.20!


YES!!! I always find myself doing right click for stuff, and then nothing came out from it in the Wick Editor. That is very welcome!


¡I can’t wait for the context menu for my HTML animations! I will love this feature :3 You really should add it! This should also work for mobile devices.