Scrolling in Wick Editor

I have only 1 single problem when I am scrolling on the canvas.
I know some people don’t like how it zooms when you use mouse scrolling (to solve that, I would simply suggest that there is a toggle on/off for mouse scroll zooming), but I like it.

Although here is the problem:
Whenever I try to scroll on a certain part of the canvas, or whenever I am scrolling on a part of a drawing, it doesn’t follow the cursor.

Where I am circling is where I am trying to zoom (by scroll)
What I want it to do is whenever I zoom (by scroll), I want it to zoom in to whatever point my mouse is currently at.

Thank you for your time!

Edit: Could you also add a shortcut where you can pull up the color wheel/picker with a simple click? (appears where the mouse is) That would be additionally helpful, and pretty cool. Thanks a lot!

Edit 2: One last thing, could there be a feature where you can highlight or select a certain region of your animation (in the timeline), and when you play it, the video loops on the selected segment?
Thank you so much!


This is not how you explained, however in the playhead controls, press the magnifying glass or press the Z key and then click on where you want to zoom in to, and when you’re zoomed in, reselect your previous tool!
Hope this helped!

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