Setting Transparency and Colour for Onion Skin


As I was animating, I noticed how my frames would start becoming a little confusing due to the fact that the onion skin has the setting of showing the previous frame and next frame in a transparency. It would be nice if there was a setting that allowed you to color code previous and next frames. Also, if there was a setting that allowed you to set a limit on what previous and next frames show would be nice. For example, if I was on frame 5, I could only see frame 4 and frame 6 with onion skin. But, if an upgrade occurred where there was a setting to show more frames, I could set it to see 3 previous frame and 2 next frames. Basically, while I am on frame 5, I can see frame 4, 3, 2, and 6 to 7. And with a color setting, my previous frames can be red and my next frames can be green, or of different transparency opacity. I believe these features will allow animators to stay more organized. Overall, this is a great online animation program! :smiley:



Look forward to the next version of wick - we are adding a new feature to the timeline that lets you select how many frames are onion skinned. Flash has something similar:


(Notice how the playhead has those two brackets on either side - whatever frames are inside those will be onion skinned)

Also we may be adding a way to color code frames, but we’re not sure how that should work yet.

Be able to see the frames before