Shadowboxing battles

making a shadowboxing game (ik the roblox one is the same name)

current file:shadowboxing game9-30-2023_15-18-12.wick (131.5 KB)

current html: shadowboxing game9-30-2023_15-18-22.html (2.3 MB)

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just a checklist

Can I draw some backgrounds. I have an idea for the middle school thing

ye sure!
10 i think lol

@Desmond concept art
oh wait i forgot somethinb

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shadowboxing game9-30-2023_22-20-02.wick (243.0 KB)

@Hamzah_Al_Ani you free? (asking if u wanna help)

can I help?

yeah, also 1 question, do you know how to code a “when a clip is done playing go to next frame” type statement?

im also currently online so we can have a live chat if u are free

basically make it so that it checks what frame the clip is on by putting
if (this.currentFrameNumber === (the frame number)) {
if (this.currentFrameName === (the frame name)) {
in the clip you wanna check

wdym by this?

k thx, u also want the file?

cuz im online we can have a conversation, and ur not busy

sure that would be helpful

ok that sounds good

shadowboxing game10-1-2023_20-12-36.wick (804.0 KB)

Screenshot 2023-10-01 201352
i was talking about inside this clip btw