Simon: My First WickEditor game

I just wanted to share my first wick game. It is a basic Simon Game, but ghost themed.
GhostSimon.html (3.3 MB)

Screen Shot 2020-08-02 at 1.16.23 PM

First, I want to congratulate the wick developers for this web app. For me, this is kind of the Flash replacement that I was looking for. It’s still not there, but it is getting there. There are things in here that are even better than in the Flash/Animate Editor.

During my first development, I ran into some challenges:
[1] Coding:

  • I couldn’t find a complete list of code functions and instructions for the scripts.
  • I could only share information between elements by only using “project.vars”
  • I couldn’t find a way to scale a text programmatically.
  • I couldn’t lower a sound volume programatically.
  • I used Math.cos(x), but it was a guess, It would be good to add it to the list of references.
  • Is there a way to disable a button? I had to hide it using opacity and changing its location.
  • I have developed custom functions, Is there a way to create global functions?
  • Similar, Is there a way that I could access functions/vars that are defined under another objects?
  • Similar, Is there a way to access data that is defined under the same object, but in other tab?
  • Is there a way to create custom OOP Classes?

[2] Editor:

  • WickE: It would be good to have color gradients to fill closed figures.
  • WickE: Sometimes, I can see unintended small gaps between the line stroke and the color filled.
  • Code editor: It would be good to have a label identifying which object or frame you are editing.
  • Code editor: Sometimes the whole app crashes because of a user’s code error at run time.
  • Code editor: Be able to Switch code between objects by having a small pane with only the objects that have code.

[3] Forum and Docs:

  • Have a doc with all the code functionality available at the moment for the user.
  • Have a way to share the full completed games within the community, like a page per game as we currently have in the main page.

That is for now, but again. Having this tool made in html and javascript is a huge accomplishment. I hope I could contribute more with this, since I was a huge Macromedia/Adobe Flash user/developer.


you can export it as an html and upload it here.

If ur new, go through discobots tutorials ( just type “discobot” with an “@” before it to find the tutorial, incase u can’t find it) and then discobot would give u more trust level, allowing you to be able to upload html files (u get those by exporting the project to html from wick editor).

Hope this helps, your game seems really great

Thankyou… @Hamzah_Al_Ani. I did’t and it worked. I was able to share the work. I hope you can try it and enjoyed it. It is a basic simon game.


Wow, just tried it, it’s great!

The ghosts look like the wick editor mascot

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@Hamzah_Al_Ani. That was the idea, the mascot looks great. I think that i could make more small games using the mascot to support the community. Thank u for the feedback.

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@Jovanny just seeing this post and wow! Awesome little game demo here! (Don’t mean to brag, but I think I did pretty well :wink: )

Also, absolutely love this feedback, thank you so much for providing it, and keep it coming! We’re working on quite a number of these at the moment (particularly, our designer Alex is doing some reference/script updates alongside some accessibility improvements!) Sneak Peak of the new #learn page below!

Also, new fill bucket was just pushed to the test branch ( Give it a shot and let us know what you think!

Lastly, that suggestion of the switching between objects with code is a great one! And… We actually just implemented an outliner in Wick Editor 1.18 on the test branch! Would love your thoughts! (Objects with code have a bright orange half circle on them).

Keep the feedback coming! Any support is welcome, including constructive feedback like you’ve provided here!

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Thank you. I’m currently working in a more ambitious demo… but I will give a try to the new beta editor later today. Thank you for that… and again, you guys are doing a great job here.

@Luxapodular … Wow, I have tried the test editor with the Outliner pane… It is AWESOME! It was needed. Now you don’t have to move/close your code editor so you could reach other clips… It is fantastic! (This is getting better!!!)

Question, could I continue developing mu current demo in that test editor? It is stable? What do you think?

Glad you like it! The test editor should be stable enough to work in at the moment, however I do recommend that you save often as there may be a bug or two in there that could cause a crash. Let me know if you run into any issues!

@Luxapodular… I have finished my second demo, mostly developed in the test editor. :) The HTML version measures 12M in size and the wickFile 7M. The forum does not allow me to upload anything greater than 4M. :(


Every single pixel and line of code was developed using WickEditor, without anything external, but for the free to use music and sounds from Youtube Creators Library. Everything 100% Vector Graphics. Please, let me know if you could allow me to upload this 12M demo as an exception for this time. Thank you!

Note: You could share your file through a link, no matter how big it is.

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Thank you. In order to do that I should store or host the link somewhere… any suggestion?

google drive is probably the best way. pretty much everyone has an account.

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@Hamzah_Al_Ani, @Luxapodular, and @awc95014. I used google drive. Thank you. I have made a new topic for it.