Site crashing, and autosave never loading

Basically, I was making an animation when the site crashed, a screen then showed that I had to reload the site and the autosave would work, but the autosave doesn’t load, I literally waited for a hour, should I wait for more?

When you get the waiting screen for longer than a minute, then it usually means that the editor had crashed while loading, so waiting would be pointless.

This might mean that the project you were working on was too large for the autosave :thinking:
Did you save the animation with the save button? You might be able to find an earlier version of your project with your files.

If this keeps happening, then try some of the methods shared in this thread, it should help prevent animation projects from crashing.

No, it wasn’t a big animation at all, I didnt use any coding and I literally had 4 layers with one frame each, I was drawing the backgrounds and stuff

I also had the same problem back then when I was still using the web app.