SLAMxd! hmmm kinda brutal

how do you export a video it always breaks for me

thats a gif and you can export gif anywhere without a problem but i have a trick to export a video. First make your animation and export it as a video(mp4), Then use this MP4 Converter | CloudConvert. chosse file and click on convert mp4 to mp4. When it’s done, download it and walla a video you can send to all platforms and that also works in all platforms. if your thinking about sending a video on wick editor then try using (html). Converting a video to html is advanced but there’s actually an online converter to html: it’s this HTML5 Online Video Converter. Convert any video to MP4, Webm or OGV ( **i hope this helps you and others that have the same problem…

If you have mp4 exporting issues, it might have to do with the browser you’re using.
If you’re using chrome (which I recommend) and still have these exporting issues, then take a look at these few solutions.