Some Features I Want in Wick

A Library

Like, I need a library where we can see which items are which, similar to Flash.

MIDI Support

I may need MIDI support for a video game that needs it.

Just update the whole thing

It hasn't been updated in a year...

I mean this is animation software, not a music sequencer. I highly doubt they’re going to add built-in MIDI support.

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Well that is true.

What I meant specifically by MIDI is the function to import MIDI as audio and not that Wick is anything but an animation software.

Very few programs- none, in fact- can import MIDI as audio. For starters, you need to have a soundfont loaded. On top of that, you need to write code to process MIDI files.
You must understand that MIDI isn’t an audio format, the same way svg isn’t like a conventional photo format. MIDI contains streams of data, with information about which key is played on which instrument, for how long. (Not to mention the CCs, volume control, program change, etc.)
However, unlike SVG, your MIDI files can change based on the soundfont you’re using. SVGs remain constant. But MIDI, while being a compatibility holy grail as far as sharing data is concerned, can be a nightmare if you want the audio to sound decent, because some melodies play better on one soundfont, but the quality of the instrument on the other soundfont don’t make it sound as good.
Not even LMMS, a music synthesizing software, has perfect MIDI import.
To import MIDI as audio, Wick would need to add complete MIDI support and also bundle along a soundfont (and if they ever did, mind you, imagine the debate, that’d be one heck of a debate, after which point someone would suggest grafting of soundfonts, and someone else would point out the soundfonts didn’t allow redistribution. Which soundfont to use? This one has very nice distinct pianos, but the violin sounds like the unfriendly neighbourhood cat at 2 am).
I’m afraid you ask for the impractical… they may as well add music sequencing when they do that :) And turn into OnlineSequencer heh

A solution to your problem is to get VLC media player, download a General MIDI soundfont you like, set this soundfont as the default in VLC, then convert the MIDI file to an audio file using VLC and this soundfont.
This is assuming your MIDI file is in made in a GM/GS soundfont. If your MIDI file is just that- just a MIDI file, for sharing of music but containing or intended to contain any non-GM soundfont, then you’re going to get a surprising output if you’re not expecting it. And even VLC cannot help you there. You’ll need to work in a MIDI-supporting music synthesizer, and while LMMS may be usually ok for GM MIDI files, the same can’t be said for non-GM files. If you have FL, perhaps…